Brent Speaking at TEDxSFU


Brent had the honour of addressing 400 attendees at the 2014 TEDxSFU: Redefine the Norm


Why TEDx?

TEDx conferences are known for highlighting new ideas, ideas that can help re-shape our world and help people adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of life. After speaking in front of thousands of people across Canada for the past 7 years, I saw TEDx as an opportunity to reach a broader audience than just those within the mental health community. TEDx is a platform and it’s something we can leverage to spread the message that mental health matters to audiences that have not typically been included in these conversations.


What’s the Message?

The message of my TEDx talk was that we all face challenges, but we also all have the choice to re-frame our challenges as opportunities – to grow, to connect, to serve. I use the story of how my biggest challenge (being diagnosed with schizophrenia) has shifted into m biggest opportunity and share ideas of how anyone can do the same.


What’s Next?

In the immediate future, the Balancing Our Minds Youth Summit is happening in a couple of months, which I’ll once again be co-hosting for upwards of 2000 youth at Rogers Arena. After that, I’ll be launching 2 new programs for youth (details coming soon) and there are a few ideas brewing for a documentary and a book, but they seem to get put on the back-burner.


Thanks so much for the support!! The comments have been incredible to hear and I’m grateful to all of you who helped make this experience possible.

Much Love,


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PS – If you’d like to write a post about my TEDx talk on your blog, I would be so grateful as it will help spread the message further along. I could even write a guest post for you. Please contact me here if interested.


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